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Welcome to Coos Soil and Water Conservation District

COOS SWCD GOALS: To promote the wise use of renewable resources through locally led voluntary conservation. Conserve, protect and develop natural resources for the economic benefit of the people of Coos County. Encourage measures for the protection of waters of Coos County. Assist local landowners in the developing and utilizing their resources to reduce soil erosion, conserve and improve water quality, maximize crop and forage production, improve fisheries habitat, and to support the economy of Coos County.

HISTORY: The Coos Soil and Water Conservation District was formed in 1962, and coordinates government assistance with conservation needs on a non-regulatory level, provides assistance, information, and education for Coos County farmers, ranchers, and woodlot owners to implement sound resource management and conservation practices. The Coos-Coquille Agriculture Water Quality Management Plan (AgWQMP) was developed in 1998 from the 1993 directives of Senate Bill 1010. The document consists of an educational component and a set of rules addressing measures that safeguard water quality, the beneficial uses of water resources, and provide best management practices for water quality concerns. The plan also includes the basins of Tenmile Lakes, Fourmile Creek and Twomile Creek as well as the Camas Valley and Lower Umpqua areas in Douglas County. Two Public hearings were held in Coos County in the fall of 2001; and after a period of public comment and review the Coos-Coquille Ag WQMP was adopted by the Board of Agriculture in March of 2002. The Coos SWCD provides support to the Local Advisory Committee (LAC), which meets every two years for a review of the WQMP and associated rules.

Current Board Members
Zone 1 Dr. Adela Villers- 2024
Zone 2 Cindy Gant - 2026
Zone 3 Charlie Waterman - 2024
Zone 4 Michael Clary - 2024
Zone 5 VACANT - 2026
At Large 1 Ernest Newton -2026
At Large 2 Mark Villers - 2026