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Project Committee 


The purpose of the Project Committee is to assist the board in making decisions that will help the organization achieve its annual goals. The Project Committee members will make recommendations for different projects that are occurring in the district. These recommendations can be for the following reasons:

●       Awarding bids to contractors for specific projects

●       Discussing changes to a current or future project.

●       Approving specific items for a specific contractor for one of the projects.

●       Going over contractor proposals that are sent to the Coos SWCD for specific projects.

 Committee Board MembersPosition Title Role
Caley SowersCoos SWCD District ManagerCommittee Member
Mark VillersAt-Large Director #2- ChairmanCommittee Member
Cindy Gant Zone 2 DirectorCommittee Member
Christopher ClaireODFW Habitat Protection BiologistCommittee Member
  Andrew ChioneCoos SWCD WQ Monitoring CoordinatorCommittee Member