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Langlois Mountain Rain Gauge Project


In the early summer of 2011 former board member Tom Forgatsch (Coos SWCD Zone 2 Director) thought of an idea for a project. He felt that it was necessary to collect data to better determine how much water is actually available to landowners and cranberry growers near the ocean. Tom Forgatsch called around and was able to get approval from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to borrow two rain gauges worth $1,285. The agreement was for the Coos SWCD to set up the two devices, collect the data, and share the data with BLM. Coos SWCD staff will go to the two sites located up Langlois Mountain Road at ~2.5 mile marker (Site 1) and 12 miles up the road (Site 2) once every month to record the data and check the condition of the devices and the batteries.

2011-2013 Rain fall totals chart.pdf