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07/31/2018, Guerin Memorial Conservation Essay Contest



Topic choices: Select ONE for a minimum 500 word essay

1. Explain how conservation practices used by landowners (farmers, ranchers, timber holders) can benefit water quality in Coos County.

2. What conservation practices used by landowners and/or the public in Coos County are utilized to protect soil and decrease erosion?

3. How have farming, ranching, or timber land management practices changed over the last 100 years to protect the environment and water quality in Coos County?

4. What are some ways that people in agricultural production in Coos County can protect the fertility of their soil?

5. How might water scarcity or quality affect agriculture in Coos County?

6. What is a riparian zone, and why is it important? How does a healthy riparian zone affect water quality?

7. Research and explain the concept of a ‘working landscape’ as it pertains to conservation. Include the social, economical, environmental, and agricultural relationships in your essay.

Deadline for submitting essays is October 12, 2018 at 4pm.

Please mail FOUR copies of your essay to:

Coos Soil & Water Conservation District

379 North Adams Street

Coquille, OR 97423

*All entries must include name, phone number, school name, & topic chosen.
*Essays must be a minimum of 500 words. 
*All entries must be typed or written in ink. 
*Faxed or email essays will not be accepted. 
*Prizes are awarded at Coos SWCD’s annual meeting in December 2018. 
*First place winner has name engraved on traveling plaque. 
*All winning names are announced in future Coos SWCD publications. 
*Contact Coos SWCD with any questions at 541-396-6879.

Cash Prizes
$150 - 1st Place
 $125 - 2nd Place
$100 - 3rd Place