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Cooperator of the Year

Coos Soil & Water Conservation District is proud of the work we do with our landowners and we like to take the opportunity to acknowledge those who do outstanding work. During our annual meetings in December, we choose a landowner who exceeded expectations in improving their land and they are awarded with being named the Cooperator of the Year. They are honored at our annual dinner and receive a plaque with our gratitude for doing such amazing work in protecting water quality in Coos County.

Past honorees have been recognized for their achievements in projects such as fencing & planting, manure management, k-line irrigation efficiency, forestry thinning, fish passage, and culvert replacement. Contact our team today to find out what project we can help you with to improve your land.

PDF - 2020 Cooperator of the Year Bob & Cindy McWhorter   2020 COOPERATOR OF THE YEAR MCWHORTERS.PDFSpacer(877.9KB)

PDF - 2019 Cooperator of the Year Mitch Vincent   2019 COOPERATOR OF THE YEAR MITCH VINCENT.PDFSpacer(673KB)

PDF - 2018 Cooperator of the Year Larry and Cindy Johnson   2018 COOPERATOR OF THE YEAR JOHNSON FAMILY.PDFSpacer(2385.9KB)

PDF - 2015 Cooperator of the Year Michael and Barbara Clary   2015 COOPERATOR OF THE YEAR CLARY FAMILY.PDFSpacer(16840.7KB)

PDF - 2013 Cooperator of the Year Keith Baker   2013 COOPERATOR OF THE YEAR KEITH BAKER.PDFSpacer(21204.7KB)

PDF - 2012 Cooperator of the Year Sandy Jones   2012 COOPERATOR OF THE YEAR SANDY JONES.PDFSpacer(14679.3KB)

PDF - 2011 Cooperator of the Year Brett Clarno   2011 COOPERATOR OF THE YEAR BRETT CLARNO.PDFSpacer(662.9KB)

PDF - 2010 Cooperator of the Year Ed Groves   2010 COOPERATOR OF THE YEAR ED GROVES.PDFSpacer(316.3KB)

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